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Eco materials

Every tentree item is made using a blend of sustainable fabrics. Whether it is organic cotton, recycled polyester, cork, or coconut; you can feel good about how your product is made, and what it is made with!
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Organic cotton, bamboo and recycled polyester are part of our eco-friendly garments.


All Rose Buddha products maintain the utmost respect for both people and nature. Rose Buddha leggings are made up of 80% recycled plastic bottles and dyed using the solvent-free, non-toxic, sublimation printing process.

Vegan Leather

Lambert's are offering the most fashionable and smart vegan backpacks on the market.


Oraki is a made-up word from a combination of "AURA" Ora and "KInd". A group of creators making products that cause no harm to the environment, people and animals. It is a project based on good aura and kindness.

Our mission

We're passionate about the ocean. 10% of our profits go toward saving marine life!